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Gas boiler overview

Gas boiler overview

Many people find the process of choosing a new boiler quite confusing because there is a range of options available. There are three main types of gas boiler: regular, combi and system. It is really important that your boiler is suitable for the requirements of your home and lifestyle.

  • How many people need to be provided for? If you live in a smaller house and have modest energy demands, then a combi boiler would be perfect – it saves space and it does not require tanks to store water.
  • Will there be multiple uses of household appliances at the same time? If you have more demand for hot water, more than one bathroom in use and a larger house, then you will at least need a hot water storage tank to ensure no one has to have a cold shower. This means that a system boiler is likely the best option.
  • How old is the current heating system? The integrity of your current pipework can determine which boilers will be suitable for your house.
  • Am I replacing the boiler or installing a new system? If you have a more traditional system, in a larger property, with more demand and you just need to replace an existing boiler, then a regular boiler is likely to be the best option.


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